Lagerlösungen für die Pharmaindustrie

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Pharmaceutical warehousing and distribution

Whether you are developing, manufacturing, or distributing & selling pharmaceutical based products, the conditions these goods are stored in vary and need to follow strict standards.

Various requirements for safety, traceability, hygiene, and temperature often result in a demand for custom made storage solutions. Dexion's wide range of adaptable products can provide solutions that meet the strict requirements for safe and correct storage within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Some of the challenges faced by our Pharmaceutical customers include:

  • Temperature requirements to maintain the quality of the products
  • 100% traceability to follow strict guidelines on monitoring expiry dates
  • Maintaining a sterile environment
  • Stocking a wide range of products
  • Large amount of storage capacity needed in a small area
  • Security restricted storage with control over access
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Racking for palletised goods

Raw materials delivered to a drug manufacturer often arrive palletised and need to be stored ready for usage, sometimes in temperature controlled environments. Once manufactured and packaged they need to be stored prior to dispatch, usually on pallets.

  • Wide aisle racking for easy access
  • Mobile Pallet Racking for dense storage
  • Pallet Shuttle/Drive-in without access lanes for bulk storage
  • Carton or Pallet Flow for automatic stock rotation

Dexion's racking has numerous design layouts that can be used in ambient or chilled environments. Wide aisle racking offers easy access and the ability to adjust the layout. Mobile pallet racking is ideal for limited space, Pallet or Carton Flow for FIFO handling or alternatively Drive in or Pallet Shuttle for dense storage of bulk stock. Dexion can help design, manufacture and install your ideal solution.


Read more about our Pallet Racking Systems here.

Shelving system for efficient small part storage

Medical centres, hospitals, vets or pharmacies all need to stock a high number of product lines to accommodate their patient's needs.

  • Galvanised finish
  • Ideal for ambient or chilled areas
  • Range of design layouts
  • Modular design, easy to adjust or extend
  • Perfect for small component storage
  • Mobile shelving offers added security features

Our shelving range offers a wide range of traditional, mobile and multi- tier options. The galvanised finish helps maintain strict hygiene rules and is suitable for ambient or chilled environments. It is the perfect choice for the storage of pharmaceutical products.


Read more about our Shelving Systems here.

Storage Machines - secure and safe

Within the pharmaceutical industry there is no room for error, as the consequences can be fatal. With a Dexion storage machine medical practices or pharmacies can securely automate storage within a single unit, providing a high-density solution that can reduce picking errors by up to 60 %.

  • Tornado Lift - offers maximum storage capacity with minimum floor space
  • Paternoster - ideal for heavier loads
  • Horizontal Carousel - tailored for low ceilings

Being able to control access to the stored goods allows you to achieve the high level of security necessary when handling drugs.

Whether you are storing sensitive laboratory instruments or medicines, a storage machine can eliminate the need for shelf space, hence creating additional room within the often limited space on medical premises.

Read more about storage machines here.

  • Krankenhausapotheke, Apotheke

    Krankenhausapotheke Dresden-Friedrichstadt

    4 an niedrige Raumhöhen angepasste Horizontalkarusselle erlauben die gleichzeitige Abarbeitung von 15 Aufträgen.

  • Novo Nordisk, Dänemark

    Novo Nordisk, Dänemark

    Die platzsparende Variante für höchste Lagerkapazität, ein mobiles Palettenregalsystem als Schmalgang-Hochregal.

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    Das mehrgeschossige System HI280 wurde auf der verfügbaren Fläche von 50 x 25 m für die europaweite Logistik von Produkten installiert, die in der Schweiz, Deutschland und Frankreich produziert werden.